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Devin Lewis - Jaydee Black

Duration: 4min 12sec Views: 358 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Jaydee Black isn't a shy boy, he knows he looks good and when a boy is on the way over he doesn't think about covering up. He's in the shower when Devin Lewis arrives and walks right in, finding his friend looking damn fine, of course he's gonna accept the invitation to have some BoyFun when Jaydee asks him to join him. Once naked and already getting hard he arrives to get a little wet, making out with his gorgeous friend and grinding their big dicks together. The twinks manage to make it to the comfort of the couch before the real fun begins and within seconds Devin is between his friend's legs sucking on his long and juicy twink dick. Jaydee loves a good blowjob, but he loves giving one just as much. Slim and pale Devin lays back on the couch and appreciates the pleasure of his friend's experienced mouth on his stiff dick, soon back in familiar territory when he gets his own lips around Jaydee for a second helping, while dipping some fingers into the boy's hole. With his ass adequately toyed with the tanned young man is eager for something more, hopping up and kneeling on the couch, offering his tight pucker for Devin to fill. Gorgeous Jaydee gets it from behind, then takes up position hovering over his friend's bare dick, sliding his hole down and taking a ride. His big cock swings around with every thrust, their moans of pleasure filling the room. On his side and furiously wanking, Jaydee begins to splash, the climax rushing through his slim body while semen gushes from his uncut cock. As the smell of sweat and twink ball juice rises around them Devin strokes over his buddy, decorating Jaydee's spent dick with his own thick cream. After such an awesome bareback fuck it's time for another shower.
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