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Jacob Acosta Solo Session

Duration: 2min 18sec Views: 215 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Jacob Acosta jumps into a beautiful, sunlit pool the same way the award winning cam model broke into porn, with a splash! He frolics in the water while eye fucking the camera, flirting big time as he caresses his sinewy, sun kissed body. Jacob then stands, sporting an impressive half chub, and heads to the pool house. He teases a bit more, then pulls at his straining trunks, allowing one of the biggest pool toys you’ll see all summer to flop out with fantastic flair. What follows is the taut bodied, twink Adonis working that incredible appendage in a super sexy solo show that’ll leave you with heat stroke. The scene ends the way it began....with a ginormous splash! Jacob works his giant to a pretty plum color. The thick dick throbs, yearning for raw, uninhibited release. Just as the pressure for pleasure is almost too much to bare, his big beauty busts, blasting his sculpted belly with shot after shot of summer spunk. Acosta works his cock till it starts to soften a bit; then, he plays with the raunchy river of nut nestled along his six pack. Perfect summer time fun.
Channel: Helix